What’s tan and white and love all over?

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We will get to the story about Sam, I promise you. But first I have to tell you my own dog story.

Ever have one of those days where you woke up and thought, “We need a dog.”

Well, I have had at least one of those days in my life. I was vulnerable- my sons were in college and almost ready to launch; they were off doing their own things. Before they left the nest, I thought a dog would bring us together as a family. (Although perhaps a bird would have been better suited to my empty nest feelings?)

Whatever…I was on a mission. I clicked online and checked out the available dogs at our local county dog pound. The pound website was basic- just mug shots of the dogs. Without any darling names or enticing descriptions of adorable personalities to guide me, I looked for a “dogly-type” dog.

One dog pleased me. She was large, tannish-gold and white, and could have been a retriever or lab mix; certainly she had a friendly grin and luscious brown eyes. I texted her photo to my younger son and we decided that I would check her out and if I liked her, my son would stop by later in the day to make the final decision.

It was a Thursday. I drove to the pound, which was a well-kept building, in the country. (The proverbial “farm”.) I stopped by the front desk and asked to go back. Of course, I faced loud barks, bedlam and dogs jumping in their cages. “My” dog was as excited as all the rest, but when I spoke to her, she sat and gazed at me with sparkling eyes and a goofy grin.

One of the staff barked at me, “Oh you don’t want