#ThursdayThoughts: Boat Quotes

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We almost lost the captain

…that was the beginning of a post from my friends who have left their dirt house for a life on the seas. Al and Jane are Loopers- traveling the east coast of America! Some days are filled with inspiring sunrises, whale and dolphin sightings and then relaxing with docktails while snug in the marina. And then there was this scary day, as Jane recounts it…

As we headed south out of Vero Beach Captain Al was calmly sitting in his helm chair. We were in minimal traffic. I was not paying much attention but I looked over to the starboard (right side) and noted a boat had come up on our stern quickly and it seemed to hover 20 feet off the starboard stern which is like the blind spot on a car. Then the guy gunned his engines and blew past us putting a dangerous wake directly in front of our bow. The wake hit so hard that it threw us sideways and Al was tossed right out of his chair. Coffee was everywhere and he moaned so I knew he was not unconscious. I got us back on course in the channel despite trembling hands, while Al slowly got up onto a bench seat to sort out his injuries.  He ended up with a bad skin tear on his ankle and wrenched his right hip. We survived but it was a wake-up call for handling emergencies on board.  Some boaters just don’t understand the first rule of boating:

You are responsible for your wake!!


Good advice, right? Applying this to everyday life, it seems to me that all of us, not just boaters, are responsible for our own wake, for what we create or for the results of our own