My Guest Post with Jody Herpin

Jena C. Henry is a writer, blogger, book reviewer, and bon vivant. Her goal is to make friends with everyone in the world. Jena enjoys reading new books and encouraging writers to be their best. Jena C. Henry holds a juris doctor degree from the University of Akron and practiced law and raised her family in tropical Ohio. Now retired, she writes novels, conducts writing workshops and enjoys good times with friends and family. Her fiction series, The Golden Age of Charli, spotlights the love and laughter of family life and retirement.

Jody Herpin writes with a southern accent.

Discovering her love of writing in the last five years, Jody just recently completed her first novel, “Weather Permitting,” and is currently working on a second. In 2015, Jody received First Place for Novel Submission at the Southeastern Writers Association Workshop for “Weather Permitting.” In 2014, she received Third Place for the Microcosm Award at the Southeastern Writers Association Workshop for her piece, “View of a Lifetime.” She’s constantly reading, researching and soaking up knowledge about her craft. Born in Savannah, Georgia, she has lived most of her life in the South, attending Decatur High School in Decatur, Georgia and living in Alabama, Georgia and North and South Carolina, Florida and Virginia. If she’s not writing, she is decorating her home, attempting to paint with watercolors, reading, rediscovering the guitar, walking her Mini-Australian Shepherd, Bella, or cheering for her beloved Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets. Jody married the love of her life in 2014, and she and her new husband live in Kennesaw, Georgia. She has two grown children and six amazing grandchildren all of whom live close enough “to holler at.”

Jody was also kind enough to “holler at” me and invite me to visit her charming blog.

She shared a lovely story…

She sat at the bar, enjoying the jazz, blonde and attractive, laughing loudly with her friend. Her back was to me, but I couldn’t help but notice the fortyish woman. Not because she looked odd, but because she didn’t. The fact was–she had no hands. The kicker was she still managed to drink her cocktail, wipe her mouth with a napkin, even reach into her purse and retrieve her wallet so she could pay the bartender.

When I had the sling on my right arm, at least I had one decent workable hand and