May I Present: New Author Ellie Collins, age 11

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Hello, Hello from Jena C. Henry!

Many of you know award-winning author Stephanie Collins. And I’m sure you have also enjoyed her inspiring book, With Angel’s Wings. Stephanie has big news to share!

First, I’ll let Stephanie tell us about herself. And then she will introduce her shining star and the new author in the Collins’ family, her daughter Ellie Collins, age 11.

 I am a hard-working mother of 4, a loving wife, and an unsuspecting author of a true medical drama/unconventional love story called With Angel’s Wings. With Angel’s Wings is my story. I wrote therapeutically as I was introduced to/initiated into life as a special needs mother.

What a thrill and honor to showcase these two talented, positive and caring writers. When I read that Ellie is passionate about Greek Mythology and gives talks about Zeus and Persephone- wow!

And now…from a proud mom’s blog:

Introducing a bright and fresh new face in the publishing world –

an author with a creative and unique voice and viewpoint!


Ellie Collins, 11, is preparing to publish her debut book, Daisy, Bold & Beautiful, the first in a series of middle grade books.

Who is Ellie?

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First and foremost, she’s a gymnast, on both a girls gymnastics team…

…and a trampoline and tumbling team.

She plays piano…

And she studies hard in the sixth grade.

And when she’s not doing any of that, she’s playing video games or hanging with her friends. She always finds time for reading, though, and she’s a huge fan of Greek mythology. It was that genre that inspired her upcoming book. Until it hits the shelves (tentatively scheduled for April 1st, 2018), she’ll be