Charli’s World: Who Loves Millennials?

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Life in 1972

Old man look at my life,

I’m a lot like you were

Neil Young

 Neil Young sang those words in 1972. He accompanied himself with a six-string banjo tuned like a guitar. In 1972, I was in high school. My sophomore year, we were allowed to wear dress slacks to school. My junior year, we were allowed to wear jeans. I didn’t trust anyone over the age of thirty.

Now it’s 2016. Let’s say that Baby Boomers are the “old men” and the Millennials are like Neil Young. Boomers were born before 1964. Millennials span 1980-2000.

vw-blueWere we Baby Boomers a lot like you Millennials?  Not really. Millennials have different values and interests than Baby Boomers. Millennials like same-day delivery, energy drinks, tattoos and athleisure. Millennials are confident and you are not afraid to criticize workplaces and institutions if they don’t share your values.

Because of the Great Recession, Millennials have financial challenges:

  • Millennials have high rates of unemployment and heavy student loan debt. Nearly 30% live with their parents.
  • Millennials report the highest levels of clinical anxiety, stress and depression of any other generation at the same age.

Some Baby Boomers say that Millennials are lazy, entitled and used to getting trophies for not doing anything. I’m a Baby Boomer- you want to know what I say?



Today- Millennials are Fantastic!

Millennials, you not only know technology, but you thrive on it. How would I keep my internet going without you? Who would show me where that little gear icon is that I