Celebrating Charli: A New Featured Review

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Two years ago I published my first book in the Charli series, The Golden Age of Charli-RSVP. I’ve been bragging about my books  to celebrate the second anniversary. What a wonderful convergence of circumstances it was to receive a sterling review from Caroline Vincent on her bookish website, BITS ABOUT BOOKS.

Book lovers, readers, authors, reviewers- Caroline’s site is a treasure trove of book features, blog tours, and social media knowledge. As Caroline says:

I am a passionate book blogger who loves writing book reviews and being part of our awesome bookish world. When I started my blog to share my love for books by writing reviews, I was thrilled to discover new authors and the bookish community. A whole new world opened up, the world of books, and I just love it! That is why I want to explore other ways to help authors with regards to Social Media and creating an audience for their books.

A book is a dream that you hold in your hand
– Neil Gaiman 

I share her passion for the online bookish world. I’m sure you do, too!

Now, I’m going to brag about Caroline Vincent’s review of THE GOLDEN AGE OF CHARLI-RSVP. Caroline provides a clear and complete synopsis of the book and an in-depth analysis of Charli. Caroline captures Charli’s character in ways that have not been reviewed before. I agree with her that Charli needs to look at her life in different ways- and as some of you already know- she does begin to change in books 2 and 3.

Here is Caroline Vincent’s Review

Let’s keep chatting! Please let me know if you visited Bits about Books, and what you thought of her review of Charli. Caroline can also help you with social media- what do you think of that?