Books for the Backyard, Beach or Blizzard 2017

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Need a Good Book to Read?

Have you ever had one of those dreams where you are merrily flip-flopping to your beach chair? You know the dream where you find the perfect location, with a great view of the ocean, bar, cute guys, whatever delights you? You settle in, put on your lotion, try the settings on your chair- not too upright or flat. The breeze tickles you, the gulls are calling, the warm sun is soothing as you reach into your tote bag for your book. Your hand hits your makeup bag, your phone, your coupon for the free punchbowl margarita-daiquiri.

Where’s my book?!

Where is it? It has to be here. 

You grab that tote and dump everything on your lap and flip sand and lotion on it as you search for your book

*Cue the Jaws music*

 I don’t have anything to read!


You wake up crying and shaking. Thank goodness it was just a dream. You breathe those calming breaths and tell yourself…I’ll get up, make a cup of coffee and read Jenabooks blog. She’ll have lots of good book ideas. I can take piles of good stories to the beach and not worry.

And just like in 2016, here I am with more fabulous reads for the backyard, beach or blizzard. (You certainly don’t want to be snowed in without a stack of books, do you??) You can traipse to you favorite relaxing place with plenty to