BLOG TOUR: Beyond the Book:Tips for Writers

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All the Tips Writers will Ever Need!


Writers- Here You Go!

When you look at these new books by bestselling author Traci Sanders, I am sure you are thinking what I’m thinking!


These are the resources I’ve been looking for!

I can’t wait to read and study these tips!

I am so pleased to welcome Traci Sanders as we showcase her newly launched books. Whether you have always dreamed of writing a book, or if you are passionately writing your opus, or if you are ready to launch and promote your new book…Traci Sanders is here to guide you.

Let’s take a look at her books. Then read on because Traci has also provided us with a super Tip to inspire you!


TIP 265: Automation is not always a good thing

By nature, many authors are recluses—avoiding phone conversations, retail lines (we shop online), and “dealing with people,” in general. Aside from our fictional people, of course. We like them.

However, this lifestyle kills our book sales. ATMs and drive-thru windows don’t read or buy books! People do. Therefore, we have to get out and find these people.
This is another out-of-the-box marketing tip. It’s really easy to do and won’t cost a lot. In fact, if you already have a printer and paper, it will be free, other than the auto fuel it takes you to drive around town. The kicker? It involves going out there … with them.

Breathe. It’ll be okay. Keep reading- Traci shares more!

Here are the instructions:

  1. Make an Excel spreadsheet and divide it into about twelve cells. These can be a little smaller than a business-card size. Choose a best line (or small paragraph) from one of your books and type it into a cell. Copy and paste