Bear with Me: Book Brag #3!

Jena C. Henry is a writer, blogger, book reviewer, and bon vivant. Her goal is to make friends with everyone in the world. Jena enjoys reading new books and encouraging writers to be their best. Jena C. Henry holds a juris doctor degree from the University of Akron and practiced law and raised her family in tropical Ohio. Now retired, she writes novels, conducts writing workshops and enjoys good times with friends and family. Her fiction series, The Golden Age of Charli, spotlights the love and laughter of family life and retirement.

The Golden Age of Charli: GPS

The third book in the Charli series is my favorite. In The Golden Age of Charli: GPS, Charli and Pud have begun to walk hand in hand together on the retirement path. But now that Charli’s life is more satisfying, she focuses on that age-old question that is guaranteed to wake you up in the middle of the night- “Is that all there is?”. Is a life of no alarm clocks, regular happy hours, and yard work enough to light up her life and give it purpose? Sure, the dog likes to go on long walks every day and her family enjoys the entertaining get-togethers, but Charli feels the need to recalculate. Watch me tell you more about The Golden Age of Charli: GPS

I self-published the third Charli book in January, 2017. To me, this book is my most creative and the best written. Like the first two books, it has a short prologue and an Amuse Bouche at the end, but for this book, I am sharing with you the beginning of the first chapter:


The beautiful Audrey Hepburn looked down at me and smiled. Frail yet strong, a gentle vixen, with a hint of happiness in her liquid eyes that disputed her pout of disappointment, Audrey captivated me. She seemed to say, You are peering into my soul, and I am seeking your spirit.

“You look fierce.”

What did you say, Audrey? “I mean, what did you say K8?”

 K8, pronounced “Kate,” turned my head with her hand, and I eased back into the chair. A real woman was smiling at me now. “Ha! I don’t feel fierce–I feel like a mellow cupcake,” I said to K8.

“A what … a yellow cupcake?”

“No, mellow, or more like