An All American Military Thriller

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America, Home of the Brave

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I first read Mr. Hines’ book in 2016. Since then, he and his novel have won many awards. I thought that the week of our Independence Day holiday was a great time to look back at this memorable debut novel.

I scroll through thousands of tweets to find books that pique my interest. Then I click, read and review my book finds so I can share my curated list with you.

What books pique my interest and beckon to me?

A cover that is creative, lovely and inviting.
An author with an interesting bio on Twitter who is an engaging friend.
A book blurb that sounds fresh, intriguing or lyrical.
I have no special formula– just “aha! I can’t wait to read this book.”

I do not solicit manuscripts. I curate these on my own. Because…I am a writer who loves to read, learn and encourage!


Bishop's War

Bishop’s War (Bishop’s Series Book 1)

by Rafael Amadeus Hine

“The baddest of the bad, the bravest of the brave.”

I met the author, Raphael Amadeus Hines, on Twitter. I had tweeted him when I saw that he was in the final stages of launching his debut novel, Bishop’s War. He replied and I kept track of his book and learned it was to be released on February 22, 2106. Time for me to meet Sgt. John Bishop!

Sgt. Bishop is a Green Beret, Special Ops, and the most decorated American soldier in recent history. But we don’t meet him at the beginning of the story. First we meet his family, headed by ruthless patriarch Gonzalo Valdez who was born in Panama. As a boy, he moved to New York City and through the years, he and his large family established a vast crime syndicate. When we do meet Bishop, he has