A Sexagenarian in The City Beautiful: Pull Up Your Lounge Chair

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My Month in Orlando

(***I’m actually writing this before I go, so that when I get back I can ease into my intense professional writing life. I do promise to update this post before it zooms through the ozone to you.***)

We are going to Florida for a month this year! Orlando! Here’s something to ponder…Orlando is known as The City Beautiful. And Miami is known as The Magic City. I know, right?

We’ve spent the cold months in Florida before and we used to make all sorts of plans! “We’ll drive and visit friends in Tampa. We’ll go to the Strawberry Festival! Remember how the boys loved Sea World and Discovery Cove- let’s check it out for old times sake.”

But, now I know that our plans will be:

1. “Are you ready to go to the hot tub?”

2.”I’m taking my book to the pool, see you at happy hour!”

3. “Did you check the forecast at home so we can laugh at the folks stuck in the snow vortex arctic bomb?”

We stay at a beautiful timeshare. One thing we both love to do is float around the lazy river with our snazzy tubes. We bought the tubes at the market a few years ago and we pack them every year because they are the best floaty things! As we meander through the pleasant water, people will say, “Oh, we love your tubes? Where did you get them?”

As I gently kick my legs, I reply, “A few years ago. Oh and would you like to buy my books?” Marketing Tip Alert! See how easy it is to naturally and organically promote your books? Oh, you know I don’t really say that.

Speaking of books, I recently read One Way Ticket by Melissa Baldwin and Kate O’Keeffe. These two