Sidekicks are Decided!

Diane Rapp became an entrepreneur when she started her own dog grooming salon in Santa Barbara, California. She spent the next thirty years as a small business owner; she sold real estate, started an office supply/copy center, and performed free-lance advertising design.
Bentley is so pleased to see a whole group of sidekicks who were willing to join heroines in Diane's new mystery series about Real Estate Agents investingating crime.  (No murders, just mysteries.) It was no easy task to choose from all the great submissions--so Bentley picked them all!

Five novels are planned in the series, so why not use all the talent?  Here are the sidekick bios and brief blurbs about their upcoming adventures:
#1 ~ Molli Dawg is a super-sleuthing and snooping basset hound.  She has a nose that never quits snooping. Her superpower is following scents and tracking down bad guys, bad ladies, and the occasional chewy treat. She is built low to the ground, so the summer heat can wear her out and requires extra naps. Molli Dawg escapes the winter cold by wearing a snazzie sweater set (size X-long).  

Nothing prevents this canine sidekick from seeking out truth, justice, and snacks! She loves to make friends (human and canine), but she can spot a crook when they get within range of her sniffer. Molli Dawg can sometimes be shy, and can easily be distracted—hey, was that a kitty? Next to snacking, her favorite activity is taking naps, lots of naps. But don't be fooled when she appears to be snoring, as Molli’s nose is always on duty.

Her sniffing senses will be crucial while helping Rebecca Jones investigate the Robbers' Roost Caper in Telluride, Colorado.  Molli Dawg alerts Rebecca when she noses out robbers checking out a fancy jewelry store next door.  It will take her superpowers to track down the gang and keep Rebecca safe.
#2 ~ Mika Bella is an adorable malti-poo, who was specially trained as an emotional therapy dog.  She works very hard at helping her mommy stay at an