History of Halloween Quiz

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​1.  Jack o' Lanterns are thought to have originated in which country?  A.  United States  B. Spain  C. Ireland D.  Egypt 

Correct answer is C. Ireland.  To keep away spirits and ghosts, it was common in Ireland to place candies in hollowed-out turnips. 

2. What is the meaning of the word "hallow" in relation to this holiday? 
A.  Witch   B.  Saint  C.  Candy  D.  Winter
Correct answer is B. Saint.  The Catholic holiday of All Saints Day falls on the last day of October with celebrations for harvest and coming of winter. 

3.  A popular Halloween candy in the USA, what was the first penny candy to be individually wrapped for sale?  A.  Hershey Kisses  B.  Tootsie Rolls  C.  Peppermint sticks  D. Bit-O-Honey
Correct answer is B. Tootsie Rolls  The candy was first produced in 1896 and was the first penny candy to be individually wrapped. 

4.  The ancient Celts believed that evil spirits were roving the countryside on Halloween night.  What did they do to protect themselves?  A.  Burned candy and fruit in a bonfire  B.  Bobbed for apples  C. Wore masks and costumes  D.  Went door to door giving out treats
Correct answer is C. Wore masks and costumes  The ancient Celts wore costumes with masks so evil spirits would not recognize them as humans. 

5.  All of these celebrities were born on Halloween except one; which one does not belong on the list?  A.  Michael Landon  B. River Phoenix  C. John Candy  D. Dan Rather
Correct answer is B. River Phoenix  All of the men were born on October 31 except for River Phoenix, who died of an alleged drug overdose on Halloween in 1993.

6.  There is an old belief that it is good luck to see which of the following