A Man of Peace - Guest Post - Tesir (Ty) Alhussaini - Owner of Teck Custom Homes

I am a mom/blogger/writer helping influencers live in peace. I post a blog each Monday morning to get you set up for a successful start to your week.

Tesir (also known as Ty) & his wife Kristi are the owners of Teck Builders, a thriving custom home building company in central Iowa. As you know, running a thriving business is no easy task. I asked Tesir to share with us his secrets to staying in peace in the midst of major productivity.

Tesir (Ty) & Kristi Alhussaini

Tesir (Ty) & Kristi Alhussaini


Let's look at the keys he shared now:

I have found that staying in peace is a choice and an action. It’s about being intentional with the Lord. Peace was given to us for free, but the world is always trying to rob us of it. I believe that peace is a priceless commodity, and I do everything that I can to keep it in my life.

I start my day off with worship music. Even during meetings at my office, I have it playing in the background. I have found that it is always good to have worship music playing because it calms me down and helps me to find peace in the midst of my storms. I run a construction business here in Iowa and as the leader, it can be very difficult to find peace. Worship music always brings me into contact with peace.

Another way that I find peace is through relationships. I have people in my life who I talk to on a day-to-day basis. These people are joyful. I think finding joyful people brings peace into your life because joy is a symptom of peace.

I have learned to be aware of who is in my life and what they bring into it; some people bring joy and others bring havoc and chaos. It’s wise to stay aware of what people are bringing into your life. And I’m not saying to always