7 Things "The Shack" Made Me Feel (no spoilers)

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7 Things "The Shack" Made Me Feel

  1. It made God seem more real to me; like I can talk to Him more freely than before.
  2. It made me feel that heaven is real and close by.
  3. It made me feel that God really does love me and is really fun to be with.
  4. It made me feel that God is working for my best.
  5. It made me see that (Tweet This) it is always possible to forgive and move forward. 
  6. It reminded me that I can do anything when I'm with Him.
  7. It made me impatient to get to heaven. 

I enjoyed this movie so much, that I went to see it a second time. I hope that you go see it too!

Did you already see the movie?

I'd love to hear what you would add to my list!