An Extremely Pleasant Surprise

Although I have traveled far and wide, I am never far from the Monongahela Valley. I am a second-generation American; the Old Countries are never far from me. The wood, and hills, rivers and “cricks” have given me an appreciation for nature.
    Back in January I won the chance to select a book for a prize at a Poetry Slam at the Coffee Shelf in Chapin, SC. I selected Ian Caldwell's The Fifth Gospel. My fear is that it would be one of those "Jesus went to India/Jesus and Mary Magdalene were married/Jesus was an alien" type of books.

     This Summer I finally started to read, after putting out Accents and welcoming our grandson to the world. I was wrong! This is an excellent mystery. All that I am giving away now, and it is not much, is that it concerns relations between Catholics and Orthodox Christians, exegetical methods, and the Shroud of Turin.

     Full disclosure/reminder: I am a retired Lutheran pastor (ELCA f0r those who understand initials) whose dissertation concern Catholic/Orthodox/Lutheran attempts at unity. What a wonderful surprise!