Bistro Afterlife

Banan clamped her hands over her mouth to forcibly hold her silence lest she draw the Americans to them with her screams. She re-steadied herself back to her feet and turned to Sammie. Sammie hoarsely mouthed to her “are you ok?”

Banan nodded lightly. She removed her hands from her mouth and surveyed the room. A scream rose in her throat at the shear carnage which surrounded them. Up close, it felt infinitely more real than it did from the ceiling above. Sammie could see the scream rising in Banan’s throat and so she leapt out from her hiding spot and clamped her hands around Banan’s mouth. She whispered in Banan’s ear “Shhhh…. If you scream, the Americans will kill us both.” Banan swallowed down her terror and Sammie released her grip. Sammie frowned as she surveyed the carnage. Dozens of dead bodies, lay piled about the room but Sammie could not see Megan readily. Sammie said “We have to find them. I’m sure you’re worried about Scarlet, Steve, and Jerry. It looks like a lot of people from the dance floor tried hiding in here. There may still be hope. Maybe one of them played dead to trick the Americans and is hiding underneath the bodies.”

Silently, they both began the grisly task of sifting through the bodies. Sammie recognized several people from the bar as well as some of some of ‘Snow White’s’ dwarves. She heard Banan whisper sadly “Scarlett.” Sammie turned to look. Banan held on to Scarlett’s arm as it protruded out from underneath the dead body of the bartender. Banan grabbed hold of Scarlett’s wrist for a second and then turned to Sammie and shook her head sadly. Sammie nodded and said “We’ll keep looking.”
As they dug through, a slight coughing sound came from the back. Sammie sprinted to it and pulled away some bodies revealing Steve. He grimaced and coughed up some blood as he labored to breath. Sammie knelt down saying “Steve, Steve…” He looked up into her eyes and gasped. He said “They …” A fit of coughs stopped him. Sammie looked down across his body. Large punctures pierced almost every part of him. Banan ran up alongside her and knelt next to him as well. Sammie surveyed the room for something, anything they could use to plug his wounds even though a part of her knew it was already too late for that. The spreading puddle of blood flowing from behind Steve told her that the exit wounds were much larger than the small punctures that covered his front. Steve hoarsely whispered “They took…” Sammie knelt close and asked “Took who?” Steve drew in a deep breath. The blood gurgling from his chest bubbled as he said “Took… Megan…” Banan asked “You mean they killed her?” Steve shook his head. His head slumped for a while and he closed his eyes. Sammie almost began to stand back up when he said “No… they drag Megan away… then kill everyone. They take her… on purpose.”

Sammie’s blood froze in her veins. She asked “Why?” Steve shuddered and looked up at her. He grasped her arm and replied, as if giving some dire warning, “Bistro!” With that said, his grip released. His eyes rolled back in his head and he slumped over silently. The pool of blood spreading from beneath him began to cool as the last whispers of life escaped his body. Both women stood there, blood-soaked and shivering in shock and terror. Sammie’s mind felt as though it moved through water as the world around her spun slowly. It seemed as if everything began to tunnel in on Steve’s lifeless face. Scarcely a few minutes prior, he had been the first guy to buy her a drink at a bar and now he was dead. Megan was the first woman to show Sammie any form of kindness, well somewhat kindness in a drunken-party sense of the word, and now she had been kidnapped by Americans. All of the conflicting emotions boiled back and forth within Sammie but none over whelmed the burning question which exploded in her mind above all the rest…

“Why did the American’s take Megan alive?”

A dystopian thriller set in future Toronto when overcrowding has forced the governments of the world to legalize cannibalism and America has been destroyed by a long-ago civil war. Sammie and Megan's 'night-out' at a local swinger's club turns to disaster when the club is attacked by terrorists and Megan is kidnapped. Sammie, along with a man named Jerry who she barely knows, embark on a perilous quest to rescue Megan. Sammie's dark past, however, stalks her every move and she is forced to face her old sins as she comes to learn the true nature of Megan's kidnapping. Along the way, Sammie must also face her own demons, as she struggles to find meaning and value in her own life, a life she desperately yearns to end. Sequel to "Bistro Viande: Taste of Life"
I keep a pretty simple rule on writing. I only write it if its fun to write and interesting to read