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Romance during War!

After the bombing of Darwin, Townsville as well the submarine attack in Sydney, the Australian government became concerned with the possibility of the civilian population abandoning the coastal cities of Brisbane, Rockhampton, and Townsville as well as...

Author: Gordon Smith

An Australian Story

This is the story of one Australian family whose history beginning in 1808 and up to 1998.
Their heritage, along with that of the world they lived in, made them remarkable people.
Although this story is based on real people...

Author: Gordon Smith

Lady Ruth Bromfield

In 1935, Ruth was in born to an unmarried Jewish mother in Germany.
Fearing the Nazi persecution, Ruth was sent to England on the "kinder transport“ to be raised by a Church of England priest.
He raised in the Christian...

Author: Gordon Smith


Contradiction is a riveting and dynamic account in which Charles Carpenter unveils the core of why at risk youth become attracted to gang subculture. Charles Carpenter shares his personal experience regarding his attraction to gang life. Profound insight is offered...