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13 Reasons to Visit Amsterdam in Autumn

13 Reasons to Visit Amsterdam in Autumn

Autumn is an awesome time to visit Amsterdam. The tourist onslaught has thinned, airfares have dropped since summer, and lines at landmark attractions are shorter than in spring, summer or the year-end holidays. The cultural season is well underway and locals are starting to reclaim the town before winter’s chill descends.

By November, the leaves on Amsterdam’s tree-lined canals have turned from green to shades of rust and gold. Seasonal decorations light the darkness that falls by 5pm, cinnamon aromas waft from pop-up stands selling ollieballen (reminiscent of fried donuts, without the hole), and all of Amsterdam town brightens up for Sinterklaas’ (the Dutch Saint Nicholas) arrival via steamship from Spain. As temperatures drop, Dutchies compensate by ramping up the gezelligheid in bars and cafés.

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