This column is dedicated to one of the highest art forms in the sphere of human communication—Poetry. Nothing is nobler than the expression of human emotion. All poetry is perfect, no matter what the format or the background of the poet. A voice is a voice. With poetry, you get more than words. You get rhythm, you get sound, you get silence, you get mood—you get emotion. What more can you ask? This column is also dedicated to all the people who have ever lived, those here now, and those yet to come. God bless the poets among you. They carry the soul of the world.

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Our world is more random than we expect. We hope to control everything in our lives, but often events control us. If the perfection existed, this poem would be called Every Time.

Sometimes there is nothing to say

Sometimes there is nothing you can do

Sometimes the words will not come

Sometimes good luck happens to you

Sometimes you can be happy

Sometimes you cannot

Sometimes the cake bakes perfectly

Sometimes you spill the milk

Sometimes you wonder why everything works as well as it does

Sometimes you want to know why common sense is not common

Sometimes you cannot find love

Sometimes love finds you

Sometimes y is a vowel

Sometimes February has 29 days

Sometimes you cannot have everything you want

Sometimes may not be a good word for beginning a poem.

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