We all have an innate desire to live a life of simplicity, love and enlightenment. But how do we reach this in a world that thrives on complexity, egoism and illusions?

Let’s broaden our understanding of the human existence - consciousness, ego, conditioned behavior, the mind and spirituality in general. What is beyond the assumptions, interpretations and definitions of our human-made reality? Is there a space of unlimited possibilities once we release our minds and consciously interact with life? Can there be any purpose for our existence that is more divine than being a vessel for life…for consciousness?

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Communication and Conscious Evolution!

Communication has been used over the last few hundred thousand years by humankind as a means to broaden complexity in our daily activities. Oh, it is true that when viewed from the level of technology and for practical purposes, we have come far. But this type of communication will not necessarily initiate, awaken and expand our consciousness to the level of reunification with universal consciousness.

A change from mind content orientation to conscious universality will happen when a person is able to observe him or herself from a field of awareness that is not contained within the structures of the mind. The individual energy released from any life-form may first appear to be a localized occurrence but every energy frequency vibration influences universal life consciousness.

This conscious space is capable of offering an unrestricted understanding of your own being, the universe and life. You will know enlightenment and thus be it. Read more at:

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