We all have an innate desire to live a life of simplicity, love and enlightenment. But how do we reach this in a world that thrives on complexity, egoism and illusions?

Let’s broaden our understanding of the human existence - consciousness, ego, conditioned behavior, the mind and spirituality in general. What is beyond the assumptions, interpretations and definitions of our human-made reality? Is there a space of unlimited possibilities once we release our minds and consciously interact with life? Can there be any purpose for our existence that is more divine than being a vessel for life…for consciousness?

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Negativity be Gone! Do you think this will help?

Negativity be Gone!

We are always combating an energy frequency that has been named negativity. Why are we convinced that negativity must be abolished? Why did you conceive it in the first place? Naturally because it is the opposite of positivity; at less this is one of the more common explanations. We are confronted with a classic example of good and bad and right and wrong when we choose to think of something as having a state of negativity.

This is usually where the mind path leads and where a person will stay. A mental barrier remains between object and universal consciousness. Some people awaken consciously at the level of object consciousness only to be trapped in this frequency and will often believe that they have reached spiritual enlightenment. This entrapment is experienced in our behavior and desire to remove negativity from daily experiences. A person strengthens this illusion through the act of “thinking negatively or even positively” when done strictly from the level of object consciousness. Universal enlightenment and spiritual fulfillment are experienced when a person chooses to accept the totality from a place beyond object consciousness.

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