We all have an innate desire to live a life of simplicity, love and enlightenment. But how do we reach this in a world that thrives on complexity, egoism and illusions?

Let’s broaden our understanding of the human existence - consciousness, ego, conditioned behavior, the mind and spirituality in general. What is beyond the assumptions, interpretations and definitions of our human-made reality? Is there a space of unlimited possibilities once we release our minds and consciously interact with life? Can there be any purpose for our existence that is more divine than being a vessel for life…for consciousness?

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Breathe In, Breathe Out: That’s what it is all about!

Breathe In

Relax and breathe in slowly. Feel how the body reacts as you inhale and then exhale. Let’s consider this relaxing meditation technique in regards to the dimension of universal energy. Consciousness is always present; although we don’t understand it. We are usually unaware of “it”; whereby “it” is not necessarily consciousness but the totality of everything.

Focusing on breathing is often used to “clear your thoughts”, alter erratic metabolic behavior in the body, and to reach deeper levels of blissfulness and unity through meditation. This same practice can be used to deepen our state of awareness to consciousness. We can either breathe in and out without any regard to the process of breathing or we can become an active participant in the unfolding of each breath. This sounds difficult but only because the mind wishes to interfere.

Conscious energy is flowing to and fro. You can remain unaware and proclaim that everything is due to fate. Or you can shift your perspective from abstract to absolute, in terms of your relationship with the true self and the moment. The very act of focusing on a single occurrence such as breathing will allow everything to simply fall into place.

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