We all have an innate desire to live a life of simplicity, love and enlightenment. But how do we reach this in a world that thrives on complexity, egoism and illusions?

Let’s broaden our understanding of the human existence - consciousness, ego, conditioned behavior, the mind and spirituality in general. What is beyond the assumptions, interpretations and definitions of our human-made reality? Is there a space of unlimited possibilities once we release our minds and consciously interact with life? Can there be any purpose for our existence that is more divine than being a vessel for life…for consciousness?

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A Life Form is Love

A Life Form is Love

Would you agree that a life-form; any life-form, can love? Would it be correct to say that human beings really only have one true desire. This would be to find the true self. Human beings are generally uneasy about many aspects of our existence. This may be because deep down we know that the content of this existence is basically an illusion.

This does not mean that what you or I do is not real. However it suggests that we devote too much life energy into maintaining a mirror image of established content structures. I refer to this as living a lie because we blindly continue to interpret, reinterpret and validity our existence through assumptions and beliefs.

We continue to gaze at the mirror reflection and belief it to be true. It is even a false interpretation for me to say that our desire is to reunite with our true self. It is about accepting that we are the true self. We have never been separated from life. We are totally engulfed in it each moment. Love is always there for us to experience; but we must choose it.

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