People no longer expect to meet their soul mates only at church, high school or college. If you're lucky, you do. But how else do you meet someone in today's world? The internet, of course!

Dottie is a veteran of the online dating world. She leads a very busy life, very different from that lived by parents. She thought that by now she would have found a like-minded man but here she is, seven years later, and she’s only found Mr. Not Quite Right, or more often, Mr. Definitely Wrong!

She certainly can't be the only woman out there in the same boat. So here are some of Dottie's "adventures" (as she likes to call them) in the world of internet dating.

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Mr. "Tango"

A decent-looking man with a PhD in Economics, interested in Astronomy, History, and Literature, wanted to meet.  He said he wanted to learn to do the Tango, too.  Had I died and gone to Heaven?  This was too good to be true.  Okay, he was 71, but in his profile photo he didn't look a day over 60. A week later we met at a Mexican restaurant for lunch half-way between where we each live.  It was a beautiful day so we decided to eat outside.  I noticed right away he looked more like 81 and he had dandruff allover his dark blue, long-sleeved shirt.  Within a few minutes he was vigorously scratching his head and ears with both hands and the flakes were flying everywhere in the light breeze.  Then he started unbuttoning his shirt and scratching his underarms and belly.  Next he unbuttoned his cuffs and attacked his forearms.  He never once told me why he was having such an "itch fest."  Somehow we got on the subject of religion, and he told me he was a Born Again Christian, and that if I wasn't one also, then I wasn't really a true Christian.  When the waitress brought the check, he looked at me and said, "If I drive all the way to your house next time, should I bring my toothbrush?" and he winked. Immediately replied, "I thought you were a Born Again Christian! And now you want to spend the night with me on our next date?" I got up, left a twenty dollar bill on the table and said, "I don't think we'd be compatible.  I belong to the Church of Satan."  He hasn't called me for another date thank God!

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