People no longer expect to meet their soul mates only at church, high school or college. If you're lucky, you do. But how else do you meet someone in today's world? The internet, of course!

Dottie is a veteran of the online dating world. She leads a very busy life, very different from that lived by parents. She thought that by now she would have found a like-minded man but here she is, seven years later, and she’s only found Mr. Not Quite Right, or more often, Mr. Definitely Wrong!

She certainly can't be the only woman out there in the same boat. So here are some of Dottie's "adventures" (as she likes to call them) in the world of internet dating.

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Mr. "Jeweler"

Ah, the jeweler who was looking for "a jewel of a girl."  His store was right next to an auto transmission shop, he said.  Why didn't I come down and we'd have a drink together after he closed his shop?

I knew the shopping center, but I had never seen a jewelry store there.  What he had forgotten to tell me was that his store was a cubby hole in the transmission shop, not next to it.  And the drink we shared was from a vending machine in the lobby. 

His profile said he was 6'2" and 62 years old.  Maybe it was a misprint, for he was barely 5'2" and closer to 82.  Even more off-putting was something that looked like a half-dead caterpillar growing out of one side of his nose.  The angle at which his profile photo had been taken managed to conceal it.

When he finished his orange soda, he told me I was beautiful. Then he leaned in close and stuck his tongue half-way down my throat.  I screamed.

As I bolted out of his shop I could hear his words trailing after me, "Don't you like to kiss?"

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