People no longer expect to meet their soul mates only at church, high school or college. If you're lucky, you do. But how else do you meet someone in today's world? The internet, of course!

Dottie is a veteran of the online dating world. She leads a very busy life, very different from that lived by parents. She thought that by now she would have found a like-minded man but here she is, seven years later, and she’s only found Mr. Not Quite Right, or more often, Mr. Definitely Wrong!

She certainly can't be the only woman out there in the same boat. So here are some of Dottie's "adventures" (as she likes to call them) in the world of internet dating.

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Mr. "Heart Attack"

A fat, balding, smiley face man contacted me and wanted to take me to dinner.  I figured if I wanted both sour cream and butter on my baked potato, he wouldn't frown.  We started walking to a restaurant at the end of the pier in a beach town and had to stop half-way.  He was gasping for air and had to sit down. 

After resting ten minutes, we made it to the end of the pier.  He ordered fried chicken and a baked potato with extra sour cream and butter.  Looking at his bulging cheeks and protruding belly, I ordered a salad with no dressing. 

While we waited for our meals to arrive, he told me he was a dentist from the Midwest, newly retired.  I told him I'd just gotten a front tooth replaced but it was scratching my tongue.  I thought he'd offer to file it down for me, back at his place.  To my surprise, he said if I had a new, metal nail file, I could do the job myself.  Then he ordered a banana split with extra caramel syrup and whipped cream. 

Dinner over, he had to rest three times on the walk back to his car.  I never heard from him again.  I wonder if he had a heart attack!

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