People no longer expect to meet their soul mates only at church, high school or college. If you're lucky, you do. But how else do you meet someone in today's world? The internet, of course!

Dottie is a veteran of the online dating world. She leads a very busy life, very different from that lived by parents. She thought that by now she would have found a like-minded man but here she is, seven years later, and she’s only found Mr. Not Quite Right, or more often, Mr. Definitely Wrong!

She certainly can't be the only woman out there in the same boat. So here are some of Dottie's "adventures" (as she likes to call them) in the world of internet dating.

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Mr. "Won't Take No For An Answer"

An opera singer wanted to meet me!  He'd even sung at the San Francisco Opera and knew Andrea Bochelli, or at least that's what he told me.  In his profile photo he was tall, dark, but not quite handsome, unless you favor a pumpkin-shaped head and a belly to match. 

He immediately wanted to meet me.  Could he drive up right now?  He'd be there in an hour.  Did I have speakers in my front yard? He could serenade the entire neighborhood with the proper speakers.  What? I didn't have any outdoor speakers? No problem, he just happened to have some in his car! 

I politely told him I was going to an Art Walk that evening, so we'd have to meet another day but he wanted to come with me and sing afterward.  Maybe he'd even sing on the streets as we strolled around looking at the art. 

"No, I have to leave right now, so maybe another time," I said but he wouldn't take NO for an answer. 

"I could be waiting for you at your house when you get home." 

By now I knew I never wanted to meet him. I disconnected our call but he called right back.  When I didn't answer, he left a message, singing "O Sole Mio." 

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