People no longer expect to meet their soul mates only at church, high school or college. If you're lucky, you do. But how else do you meet someone in today's world? The internet, of course!

Dottie is a veteran of the online dating world. She leads a very busy life, very different from that lived by parents. She thought that by now she would have found a like-minded man but here she is, seven years later, and she’s only found Mr. Not Quite Right, or more often, Mr. Definitely Wrong!

She certainly can't be the only woman out there in the same boat. So here are some of Dottie's "adventures" (as she likes to call them) in the world of internet dating.

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Mr. "I've got a Mercedes"

The handsome man I had seen in his profile was not the man I met in the local IHOP restaurant.  He had bags under his eyes and hadn't shaved for at least two days.  He ordered his breakfast first: scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, and biscuits with extra gravy.  I ordered pancakes.  After all, we were in the House of Pancakes!

Before I finished speaking to the waitress, he interrupted me. "Are you sure that's what you want to order?  I think maybe egg whites and toast without butter might be a better choice." 

I was flabbergasted. Since I now planned to pay for my own breakfast, I simply said, "No I'm having pancakes." 

"Look, you're a beautiful woman, but you need to lose some weight.  If you lost twenty pounds, I might even marry you." 

I responded, "What makes you think I'd want to marry you, whatever weight I am?" 

"Well, I'm rich. I drive a Mercedes and I live in a gated community ten miles from here.  I'm a great catch." 

I finished my pancakes, put a twenty dollar bill on the table, and as I walked away I said, "My newer Mercedes is parked next to yours, and my house in the gated community is on the water front.  Is yours?"

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