Aria Ligi

Aria Ligi

Aria Ligi is an independent scholar who has been writing for over forty years. She has a great love of history, and in particular, the English Romantics. She has a B.A. in writing from San Francisco State University and graduated top of her class. “Temple of Love” and “Blood, Bone and Stone” are two of her earlier works. She has been published most recently in the University of South Dakota’s Vermillion Literary Project annual chapbook. Currently, she is the Editor in Chief for New Poetry, an online international digest. In her essay, The Marriage of Polemics and Science, she enumerates how science and poetry have intertwined from Aristotle to contemporary verse as a salve for the poet and humanity. Similarly, in Mechanics and Rhyme, she affirms the necessity for rhyme within poetry, which when crafted with an ear towards the lyrical, effuses an art form akin to ballet. You can peruse her blog, which contains samples of her work at her website below.

Lenka's List had the pleasure to publish this interview on: June 12th, 2017
I think inspiration is the wrong word, because it implies that the desire to write comes from outside the writer, when in fact, it comes from within. Writing needs to be not something which one does out of necessity, or out of some need for monetary gain, but because the artist has this fuel within him or her, this innate desire to communicate and through that create something that will not only have value but which will outlive the life of the artiste. When that is done, you know have produced a work of substance.
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