Paw Prints in the Butter

Are there paw prints in the butter?
A nose mark on the pane?
Is there fluff beneath the sofa?
THAT CAT’s been here again.

In this clowder of cats curious and comical, you will

MEET Lulu the Terrible and find...

Blizzard & Snowball

Guy was walking home from school one stormy afternoon. He witnessed something that he hoped he would never see again. A car raced past him, and someone rolled down one of the windows. Then Guy saw someone throw a black...
Author: LaVonna Moore

Molly & Magnum

Molly and Magnum are very attached to each other. They have been raised together. They are best friends. Molly is a Blue-And-Gold Macaw and Magnum is a Great Dane. Great Danes are huge! Magnum weighs 175 pounds. He weighs as...
Author: LaVonna Moore

Angel The Great Pyrenees

It is starting to get dark and I am still lost. I am so hungry and thirsty. I am searching for a creek so I can at least get a drink of water. I have never been so hungry in...
Author: LaVonna Moore

Run Wild, Run Free Again

There was a large group of beautiful wild horses that roamed free all around Mustang Island by the Atlantic Ocean. The wild horses loved to run and play along the beach and in the ocean. They would also run up...
Author: LaVonna Moore