Andrea Scoretz

Andrea Scoretz

I am a freelance health and wellness writer, poet and storyteller from Vancouver Island, Canada.

Covering mental health | wellness | recovery | addiction | self-help | storytelling | poetry | depression | anxiety | healthy living.

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2018-02-25 Let’s Move Forward Now
2018-02-23 Getting Rejected For Being Introspective (It’s a thing)
2018-02-12 The Accidental Feminist
2018-01-23 Why You Don’t Need To Forgive Just Yet
2018-01-19 Sucking It Up In The Name Of Self-Care
2018-01-16 Let’s Talk About Cocaine
2018-01-12 Lessons On Using Your Voice From The Deli Counter
2018-01-02 New Year, New, Bold Moves
2017-12-28 The Only New Year’s Resolution You Need To Make
2017-12-18 Being Human (and a mantra for you to add to your morning routine)
2017-12-14 A Woman and Her Ego Step Into A Psychologist’s Office
2017-12-12 A Wellness Bloggers Annual Christmas Post
2017-11-28 What I Learned From Reconciling With My Dad
2017-11-23 Doing Less to Be More
2017-11-03 The snow connection
2017-10-24 Validating the Victim: Truths on Being Violated and Sharing Your Story
2017-10-17 You Can Edit Your Story
2017-10-10 Avoiding your fears through addiction
2017-09-30 Why I won’t be blogging on the huffington post anymore
2017-09-28 Listening to the Right Voice
2017-09-14 Why I Use Acupuncture for Anxiety and Pain
2017-09-07 On Quitting, Crying, and Shaming
2017-08-29 In Defence of Quitting
2017-08-22 Three Things I Suck At
2017-08-11 Full Moon Clarity on Codependency
2017-08-08 Why Your Parents Are Jerks, and That’s OK
2017-08-06 When You Don’t Relate to Your Relatives
2017-08-01 Failing at Perfection: Tales From Last Weekend
2017-07-15 Why I Use Pessimism as a Survival Tactic
2017-07-07 Why I Lost My Virginity to a Jerk
2017-07-04 Why You Need To Keep Putting Yourself Out There, Spelling Mistakes and All
2017-06-29 What I Learned From Being Car Shamed
2017-06-22 Why Bad Boys and Contouring Sticks Are Ruining Your Life
2017-06-17 What I Learned About Acid Reflux (And Why You Doctor Doesn’t Know Everything)
2017-06-14 Why Assumptions Are Making Your Work Life Miserable
2017-06-13 On Writing, Goosebumps, and Doing What Lights You Up
2017-06-05 Why You Need To Charge Full Price For Your Services
2017-06-02 Shame And A Midweek Salad
2017-05-31 do what you say you’re going to do
2017-05-24 certainty through pain and sleeplessness
2017-05-17 The Freedom Call: When You Just Don’t Give A Shit Anymore
2017-05-10 You’re Not Being The Way I Want You To Be
2017-05-08 crazy uncomfortable truth
2017-05-06 big news about goals met
2017-05-03 On Celebrity Admissions, Brad Pitt, and Being Real
2017-04-29 anger and following your calling
2017-04-20 lessons on guilt, social media blocking and following your own path
2017-04-19 poetry and ramblings on mercy and freedom
2017-04-03 non-ragey communication: speaking up instead of spinning out
2017-03-25 the lipstick fix: committing to a less is more life
2017-03-22 the self-care complexity
2017-03-21 silence is the new rage
2017-03-17 to look or not to look
2017-03-13 connection is kryptonite: why there’s more to mean people than you think
2017-03-02 nursing the hurt
2017-02-28 superhero genes
2017-02-27 the day the lights dimmed: a first person account of being over medicated for depression
2017-02-11 what i know about not knowing