Amber Naralim

Amber Naralim

Amber Naralim is a writer of character driven, paranormal thrillers set in a dark world.
Her Monsters series follows Ellie Jo Fredricks, a girl slowly becoming a monster, which includes, Walking with Monsters, Into the Black, Shed some Light, and soon to be released, Make me Believe.

This series tells the story of the plucky teenage girl falling in love with the scary monster, but she is bending over backward trying to fit into his world. Where bullets fly, blood is spilled, and death happens.

Amber Naralim was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan. She grew up in Muskegon, where she met her Husband.

Amber was pushed into the wild and wooly world of storytelling by a good friend who wanted to see just what she could do. She has been holding audiences captive on weekends ever since then. From those small scenes and sessions, she developed a taste for writing that has led her here, ceaselessly trying to turn the thoughts in her head into a beautiful ribbon of words.

A mother of amazingly beautiful munchkins three, with an inability to sleep that both drives her craft and allows it to be. Every now and again she likes to sling paint at the canvas. She now lives in Ohio with her husband and three children.

I’ve always been a storyteller. It took me many years and a car accident to push me to begin writing them down. I believe in character above all things. We are made of flaws. So should the people we read about. I love action, sex, and high emotion. I suppose I just got tired of all the heroes being good guys. We all have a little darkness in us. Falling into temptation and fighting against it make for the kind of stories I want to read. I kind of figured I wasn’t the only one.