Amber Naralim is a writer of character driven, paranormal thrillers set in a dark world. Her Monsters series follows Ellie Jo Fredricks, a girl slowly becoming a monster, which includes, Walking with Monsters, Into the
Patricia J. Rullo is the author of the book – Speak Up and Stay Alive, a patient advocate hospital survival guide, and speaks nationally on the subject of patient safety. As the hostess and producer
Adrian Russell came to writing later in life and began writing his first novel when he was in his late forties. You will find Adrian writing at home or on a beach on his favourite
John is a graphic designer by day, and graphic designer by night (depending on the client), but most importantly, he's a writer at heart. His dreams include writing for a living, experiencing virtual reality on
Luna Saint Claire has had a long career as a Hollywood costume designer for film and television and is currently splitting her time between New York and Los Angeles with her husband, a philosophy professor.
Writer/Filmmaker. My work has been published by HP Lovecraft Insane Asylum Books, Story Shack, Centum Press,, ShortStoryMe., Creativity Webzine. My two feature films (Bomber Jackets & Heysoos) have screened at various festivals.
Kelly Santana-Banks is a writer of nonfiction and children’s books, and a former early childhood teacher and caregiver. When she was young, she loved to play teacher with her sister, cousins, and neighbors. By the
Where I’m from…I live in Australia with my husband and daughter, but I was born in a town called Neptune in the US state of New Jersey. I lived in New Jersey until I was
Word Refiner has been purifying documents of all kinds for over 40 years. Fiction, non-fiction; short stories, novels; technical documents, sales proposals, and resumes; there is no end to the variety of writing that has
Joynell Schultz's passion for writing was overshadowed by obtaining a doctorate degree in pharmacy from the University of Wisconsin – Madison, a "reliable profession." Working as a veterinary pharmacist pays the bills, but is not
I am a freelance health and wellness writer, poet and storyteller from Vancouver Island, Canada.
Hi! My name is Hibah Shabkhez. I am a writer of the half-yo literary tradition, an erratic language-learning enthusiast, a teacher of French as a foreign language and a happily eccentric blogger.
Children's Author Shanalee Sharboneau spent most of her life in Texas. With immigrant Irish Grandparents, growing up she heard tales of Vikings, castles, leprechauns and banshees.
Virginia A. Simpson, Ph.D., FT is a Bereavement Care Specialist and Executive Counseling Director for hundreds of funeral homes throughout the United States and Canada. She is the Founder of The Mourning Star Center for
I’m Kevin Slater, an Author and Actor currently living in United Kingdom. I was in a movie playing a soldier with the award winning actress Courteney Cox.
A secret writer from a pragmatic blue-collar neighborhood, Marie White Small brings her skills as a florist, waitress, antiquarian bookseller, bookbinder, cook, and pie-baker to the page.
After retiring to Queensland's Sunshine Coast in 2014, Gordon took in interest in researching his family. He discovered links back to the 1400's and even a distant link to the Royal Family of United Kingdom.
Born in England, Colin was brought up in Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe and Zambia). On leaving school, he was a member of the third party ever to climb the Credna glacier to reach Mount Kilimanjaro’s summit
Lou Sparanges lives in New England with his wife, Deb, their sons Chris and Eric, and their cat, Luci. Lou has degrees in Zoology, as well a DMD from Tufts University. He has spent a
Writing on the beaches of South Carolina has proven a productive environment for this author, and on a breezy, warm afternoon, you may find him sitting on the sand under an umbrella.
I am a freelance writer specializing in health and wellbeing with a little travel and personal journey mixed in. My goals are to gain a few more great clients in the health industry niche and
Doug Stanfield is the son of a teacher and a nurse who grew up on a family farm in western Ohio. The family moved overseas for a couple of years, and he has moved around