Mark Schultz

Mark Schultz

Word Refiner has been purifying documents of all kinds for over 40 years. Fiction, non-fiction; short stories, novels; technical documents, sales proposals, and resumes; there is no end to the variety of writing that has been purified. We have served students at all levels of education, small business owners, engineers, and authors of many kinds of prose.

Services Offered:

  • Proofreading
    • Rise above the rest with proven results! Don't let invisible spelling errors bring your work down! To, too and two; rite, write, right and wright are only a couple of thousands of insidious homonyms!
    • Don’t get me started on Typographical errors, there are so many groups of words that vary by only one letter. Try best, jest, nest, rest, test, vest and west.
    • Let the Hyper-Speller at Word Refiner help make your work stand out from the rest!
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  • Book Reviewing
    • We help you get noticed! Get on Top Of Mind!
      • We promote your book on several different websites and tweet about your book several times a day for a week.
      • All of this for only $20.00 US.
    • We post a review on and three other websites.
      • Grizz, our faithful mascot, helps with the tweets.
      • We include links to buy your book as well as your social media links so people can follow you.
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Types of Services

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