Kimberly Huther

Kimberly Huther

Your writing is perfect, so why hire a proofreader?

Hiring a professional will save you time, and their impartiality will provide an honest examination that a friend or relative may not give.

Read what some of Kimberly's clients have to say:

"She is affordable, professional, flexible in working with my multiple genres, and has a great attitude."

"Kim has dramatically improved my final manuscripts."

"Kim has become a rock star with editing."

By the time you write “The End", you will have read your manuscript so many times you may believe it’s perfect as-is, but send one chapter to Kimberly Huther and you’ll see the value in hiring a professional to polish your pages.

Call today, because with reviews like this one you can see that she’s in demand:

"I plan on hiring her for as much as she'd like to edit for me."

You should, too.

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