Heggerwood Realms

Rachel at Heggerwood Realms

Rachel at Heggerwood Realms makes sure that your text is readable, accurate and ready for publication.

Hegerwood Realms work on publications of all kinds ~ book manuscripts, magazine and newspaper articles, dissertations, tenders ~ and checks text to ensure it is well written, grammatically correct and logically structured.

Formatting and book cover requirements can be considered on request.

Please message Rachel at Heggerwood Realms for a price list and product turnaround based upon your needs.

Standard turnaround is six weeks but other options are available.

My fee is £6.50 / $7.95 (per conversion rate on 29 December 2016) per thousand words for a six week completion. If my involvement is increased to a nine week timeline, I can accommodate a reduction to £6 / $7.34 per thousand words.

The first three thousand words are edited free of charge; this includes a 1000 word sample.

The fees for story editing and copy editing combined are £9.50 / $11.7 (six weeks) or £9 / $11.09 (nine weeks).


Types of Services