Andrea Beatrice Reed

Andrea Beatrice Reed

My job is to polish your rough-cut gem so that it sparkles; I help you to take your writing to the next level.
Speculative Fiction* is my literary chocolate. I also have expertise with mysteries; Kindle Scout excerpts are an additional specialty of mine.

My rates are modest. I'm happy to provide references +/ a sample of my work, upon request.

I have a Bachelor's Degree from Douglass College, Rutgers University, with double majors in both Classical Civilizations (Latin and Greek), and Psychology. I have a year's graduate work at Trenton State College in Music (voice), and have taken non-degree study at Westminster Choir College Conservatory in music. I attended H.B. Studio for 7 semesters as an actor/singer. My teachers included Anne Jackson, Earle Hyman, Salem Ludwig, and Ann Wright. I have been a long-time actor and Playmaster [sic] for the Instant Shakespeare Company, and am currently involved in Playmastering the apocryphal Shakespearean play EDWARD IRONSIDE.

*SF, fantasy, magical realism, and a lot of other harder-to-categorize writings that don't necessarily fit into conventional genres

Service Offered
I offer three basic levels of service* **:

● developmental editing (2¢ per word)—Although not focused on grammar or syntax, developmental editing can address these as well, but should not be mistaken for a final edit. Developmental editing often leads to a series of re-write recommendations that strengthen a novel. It is appropriate for a rough draft.

● line editing (1¢ per word)—Line editing can provide the benefits of proofreading, but concentrates on a more intense level of scrutiny into the consistency of character voices, story structure, and detection of repetition. Line editing is intended to tighten a story. Think of it as taking your novel to the gym for an intense work-out to lose some weight.

● proofreading (1/2¢ per word)—Proofreading has the goal of capturing common grammatical and syntax errors in a single pass through a polished work. A final proofread is recommended before publication.

*I like to throw in freebies beyond what I've been contracted for, such as copyediting comments with my proofreading, or promoting Kindle Scout campaigns among my Twitter-followers. One of my clients got a three-book mystery series accepted, with my help, after several previous unsuccessful attempts on his own. When you write me at, I reply promptly, not to leave you dangling. I want you to be happy that you chose me!

**I need to look at a sample chapter of the work-in-progress before committing to one type or another. Some works might require multiple passes to refine into a final copy.

All submissions should ideally be in the form of a .txt file, or else:

A) a Microsoft Word document, or Apple Pages document,
     accompanied by
B) a copy in a .MOBI or other Kindle-compatible file.

This is because I do two passes, one on Kindle, one on the document itself, with Track Changes on, to allow TWO chances to catch everything. If this isn't possible, please talk to me about alternatives.


Types of Services