A Human Veneer

End of the Road

The sickly yellows suns that line the motorway are long behind us
busy white eyes of oncoming traffic a faded glow on retinas
replaced with a twisted country lane and hanging stars

dark corners
blind rises
tree covered falls

traversed without a word being spoken
now the rhythm of a radio is cut silent to static for the


of a tired engine cooling itself to sleep
no more path
no more smoothed surface
no more looking forward
for us there is only what has gone before
and a black uninviting void

fear filled

lying across the Irish sea
so still as if it was not there in the darkness at all
so still
still we don’t speak
and dare not turn the key
because we know this is end of the road


A Human Veneer is Steve Downes’ 5th collection of poems and traverses the landscape of a political, social and personal commentary on modern life from a liberal and often satirical point of view.
Steve Downes is an Irish contemporary poet, playwright and novelist, currently living and working in Ireland. Born in Country Louth in 1973 and educated in NUI Maynooth. He holds a Degree in Classical History and a Masters in Anthropology.

A Human Veneer is a breath of fresh air in the world of Poetry. Steve Downes has put together a collection of poems that will make you stop and think about the world around you. They are honest and full of energy. And they will stir your emotions deep with in each time you read them. A Human Veneer is well worth your time and money. A five star and more book. (Amazon review)