A. E. Lawrence

A.E. Lawrence

Mr. Lawrence received a bachelor of art degree with honors in 1986. Although his major was English/Creative Writing, he did not begin his writing career until after he retired. However, during his college years, he did develop the premises for many of his novels, including:

  • “The Stairway to Never,”
  • “Field Mouse: The Fooder,”
  • “Field Mouse: The Price of Innocence,” (The sequel.)
  • “Wanda & the Mutts,”
  • “The Oppositron,”
  • “No More Tomorrows,”
  • “The Seeding,” and
  • “The Angry Spirit of Never Moore.”

He has 4 children, 10 grandchildren, 13 great-grandchildren and is placing his royalties in a college fund for his family.