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The Gatekeeper

I closed my eyes and spoke quickly before my courage failed me. “I am the Fire Wielder of my generation, so I am the sort of weapon which, if the evil of my father comes to life inside me, it...
Author: Shannon Reber


Dinorah Green was the exact opposite of me. There was not a single personality trait which was the same between us.
Author: Shannon Reber

The Yellowstone Chronicles

Jeremy Metis, a typical high school slacker, comes face-to-face with a new reality when a car that appears in his yard, with keys in the ignition and pinks in his name, suddenly comes to life and attacks him.
Author: JS Garner

Vengeance is Mine

The blood of the murdered cry out “who will avenge our deaths? Who will bring the murderer to justice?” Snowed in at a college dorm over Spring Break of 1995, a series of strange events cause Shane to question his...
Author: Shawn D. Brink

A Human Veneer

A Human Veneer is Steve Downes’ 5th collection of poems and traverses the landscape of a political, social and personal commentary on modern life from a liberal and often satirical point of view.
Author: Steve Downes

Ammon The Genie

I am 5,000 years old, and I cannot wait for someone to find me and finally set me free. My name is Ammon, and I am a genie. I am trapped in my lamp and buried deep in the sand...
Author: LaVonna Moore

Moon Hunt

Only a vampire can solve these crimes--a vampire private eye named Samantha Moon... A vampire. A mummy. A mission. Private investigator Samantha Moon is working undercover for the Fullerton Police Department’s new top-secret Vampire Crimes Special Unit (VCSU). With the...
Author: April M Reign

The Writer And The Rake

Is having it all enough when it’s all you’ll ever have? When it comes to doing it all, hard coated ‘wild child’ writer, Brittany Carter ticks every box. Having it all is a different thing though, what with her need...
Author: Shehanne Moore