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Field Mouse: The Fooder

Charles Willoughby’s youth was an ordeal of beatings by his God-fearing father and seductions by his grossly obese mother. A warped and cruel man, he marries a woman who is willing to submit to his jaded sexual demands. However, when...
Author: A. E. Lawrence

Be a Better Marketer

Disclaimer: Some elements of marketing are complex. I will try my best to break these elements down in easy ways for every beginner marketer to understand, in what I like to call blonde terms. This is not a stab at...
Author: Ashli Avalon

The Borderer Chronicles: Three Hills

Set on the Anglo/Scottish border in the sixteenth century, a child’s dream of war is shattered, a boy is interned and the man travels a dangerous path not of his own design. This is the first volume of the Borderer...
Author: Mark Montgomery

The Thief of Kalimar

Ramaagar was a thief. A thief of thieves. One night, amid the alleys of the Jandari, he came across something extraordinary that would change his life, and that of millions, forever.
Author: Graham Diamond

Loving Lady Lazuli

Only one man in England can identify her. Unfortunately he’s living next door. Ten years ago sixteen year old Sapphire, the greatest jewel thief England has ever known, ruined Lord Devorlane Hawley’s life. Now she’s dead and buried, all the...
Author: Shehanne Moore

The Turning - The Pendant

A pendant with a secret... A four-thousand-year-old curse, cast in the land of gods, threatens Apollo’s twins... In a treacherous journey to break the curse of a pendant connected to his twins, Apollo travels to a land where vampires and...
Author: April M Reign

Therefore I Have Hope

On the morning of May 26, 2011, John Rolland went into a courtroom for what he believed was sentencing to determine the amount of restitution he owed as a first-time offender for a white collar crime.
Author: John Haeffele

The Space Between

Kenneth Platt drove his old 1995 pale-blue Ford pickup down the lonely stretch of highway 35 that connected Norfolk and Wayne Nebraska. He was going from the south, towards the north. His destination was Wayne.
Author: Shawn D. Brink