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Shrimpin' Gold

Spanish treasure fleets plowed the seas hauling gold and silver from the Americas to Spain throughout the 1500 and 1600’s. Spain’s power and perhaps its existence depended on the extraction and collection of gold and silver from foreign lands. Protected...
Author: Bob Spearman

Take Charge of Your Aviation Career

This is the second edition of the first edition, “Take Charge Of Your Aviation Career.” This book will discuss talk about some of various opportunities in the aviation field, but more so, how to position yourself to seize those moments...
Author: John Williams

Into The Shadows

Arriving home from a short holiday in Dingle, Lily Crossways makes a staggering discovery on one of her photos taken on 'Inch Beach', a woman's desperate face is staring directly at her. Yet Lily knows she was alone that day...
Author: Marie Jones