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Jill's life as a quiet computer-hacker is suddenly thrown into chaos when she comes face-to-face with the cold-blooded killing machine named Shelley Tipton. Jill soon finds herself with a new code-name 'Tweak' and a new blue hairdo to hide her...
Author: JS Garner


After failing to realize her gymnastics career, Mackenzie Ganove is sent to live with her Aunt Shelley, a traumatized Iraq war veteran with dark secrets both in her past and present. It is not long before Mackenzie is pressed into...
Author: JS Garner

The Dead Days Journal

A once unbreakable daughter and father are pitted against each other when a new twist in the Apocalypse arrives. This bold story of love and family rampages in a playground of broken allegiances, affinity for the enemy and one journal...

Shrimpin' Gold

Spanish treasure fleets plowed the seas hauling gold and silver from the Americas to Spain throughout the 1500 and 1600’s. Spain’s power and perhaps its existence depended on the extraction and collection of gold and silver from foreign lands. Protected...
Author: Bob Spearman

Dark Migration

Transformed into something unthinkable by an immortal being, a traumatized woman’s eyes are opened to a frightening new world, where she must either surrender to or fight against the growing evil inside.

Death by Haggis

Sam Barlow, Private Eye, sat in his cluttered office, working tuna salad on Kimmelwick and cold coffee, and watching the light from his tiny window make French impressionist rhomboids on the desk when she walked in, sporting a body like...
Author: Jay Cutts

Take Charge of Your Aviation Career

This is the second edition of the first edition, “Take Charge Of Your Aviation Career.” This book will discuss talk about some of various opportunities in the aviation field, but more so, how to position yourself to seize those moments...
Author: John Williams

Butterfly Harvest

A girl on the cusp of womanhood is rescued from the misery of a barely functioning family by a handsome stranger with a mysterious past, only to discover the life she always dreamed of comes with a deadly price tag.