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Jill's life as a quiet computer-hacker is suddenly thrown into chaos when she comes face-to-face with the cold-blooded killing machine named Shelley Tipton. Jill soon finds herself with a new code-name 'Tweak' and a new blue hairdo to hide her...
Author: JS Garner

Death by Haggis

Sam Barlow, Private Eye, sat in his cluttered office, working tuna salad on Kimmelwick and cold coffee, and watching the light from his tiny window make French impressionist rhomboids on the desk when she walked in, sporting a body like...
Author: Jay Cutts

Letters of Objection

Has there ever been a point in your life when you have wondered, ‘What does it feel like to be my shoe?’, ‘How is my toaster feeling today?’ or ‘What is my sponge thinking about?’ Probably not, which means you...
Author: Justin Brown

Kalima The Secret of the Jungle

This is the story of Kalima, a young zebra born in a corner of the jungle of Kenya. She is the last descendant of a very special breed called The Guides, well known for being protectors of the herd, and...
Author: Nestor Eguez

Take Charge of Your Aviation Career

This is the second edition of the first edition, “Take Charge Of Your Aviation Career.” This book will discuss talk about some of various opportunities in the aviation field, but more so, how to position yourself to seize those moments...
Author: John Williams

Dark Migration

Transformed into something unthinkable by an immortal being, a traumatized woman’s eyes are opened to a frightening new world, where she must either surrender to or fight against the growing evil inside.