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Lady Ruth Bromfield

In 1935, Ruth was in born to an unmarried Jewish mother in Germany.
Fearing the Nazi persecution, Ruth was sent to England on the "kinder transport“ to be raised by a Church of England priest.
He raised in the Christian...

Author: Gordon Smith


A sudden shift in the physical world plucks me from a pretty dream and hurls me into the land of the waking. Caught in the drugged haze of a sleeping pill, I struggle to grasp where I am. Oh yes,...
Author: Jessica Titone


Branimir is a slave to the mighty Highborn. Unwittingly, his masters forge a copper dagger capable of destroying the Ash Tree. Drawn along on the quest to remedy the mistake of his masters, Branimir becomes the most unlikely of heroes...

High Seas Mystery Game Book

Mystery dinner parties usually require guests to learn parts and risk getting embarrassed by their own bad acting. The worst might happen to a host if a guest assigned an important part simply does not show up. This book offers...

Author: Diane Rapp

The Lazarus Succession

A Novel of Murder. Mystery. Faith. Hope. Redemption
Bestselling Religious Mystery recommended for readers of Dan Brown.

The Lazarus Succession is a modern-day thriller with a medieval mystery attached to...

Author: Ken Fry

Love, Rock and Crime

By the time Savvas arrived at the copse in Filothei, the police had already cordoned off the area. Two ministers, the High-up Chief and the Press Secretary of the Government were waiting at the crime scene. The head rookie bypassed...

Author: Alice Aliferi

Black Awakening

He turned his eyes to meet mine through the water and a small smile came to his lips. “You are far more than I ever imagined you could be,” he said and sat forward, his elbows on his knees. “My...

Author: Shannon Reber


Where do the Banned go when home’s no longer home?

The lyrics of the old village tune haunt Astrea, who wants nothing more than to feel like she belongs in the redhead Rudan tribe. To prove it, she captures a...

Author: Angel Leya