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Bullets of Palestine

Two agents. Two opposing sides. Israeli Agent Shai is dispatched to eliminate a terrorist threat. To succeed in his mission Shai must win the trust of Palestinian Agent Ramzy who will help him gain access to the infamous and dangerous...
Author: Howard Kaplan

A Light in the Dark

Hearing the Voices of the dead is something Gracie Charles has endured her entire life. When the power grid suddenly fails across the globe, she finds herself alone and facing a dark and dangerous journey through an unforgiving landscape, in...
Author: Kelly Bedford

Levi Staker, Monster Enthusiast

Levi Staker was raised in the church to do one thing. Kill the evils of this world.
He is actually one of many. Employed by the Vatican to fight for God's will on Earth.
Levi Staker wasn't really...

Murder on a Ghost Ship

Taking the stairs two at a time, Kayla nearly tripped. The world tilted, her vision blurred, and her stomach lurched. She grabbed the handrail. Icy coldness stung her fingers and she jerked free. A miasma enveloped her senses. The smell...
Author: Diane Rapp

The Weaponeer

A Russian assassin pursues two American scientists halfway across the globe, determined to prevent them from releasing the antidote to a radical, new bio-weapon.
Author: Lou Sparanges


Hell has two fires — War and Women Lareina Elliot, guidance counselor for Presque Isle Academy, discovered her idea for making students loyal to the government is being implemented in the Excellence Program to further the war. It has become...
Author: Tracy Ball