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A hand wrapped around my arm and I was pulled back to sit again. The contact of that hand was gentle, but I could feel the change. Power pulsed through my system. It was happening again.
Author: Shannon Reber

Mystical Aria

In this first novel of the Mystical Aria series, fascinating human and alien characters entertain children, tweens, and young teens with their engaging personalities and how they respond to intergalactic encounters. Higher truths about love, prosperity, and infinity unfold as...

Football Blues

Not everyone is a football fan. Some people can’t stand it. Put Laura at the top of that list. But she wants a night out at the ballet with her husband so badly that she agrees to go to a...
Author: Judy Moore

Divine Help

It comes as no surprise that Jacob is quite happy with the current state of his life. Aside from the fact that Jacob’s girlfriend, Rachel, is pregnant with Isaac, his unborn son, the detective is extremely close to foiling the...

Therefore I Have Hope

On the morning of May 26, 2011, John Rolland went into a courtroom for what he believed was sentencing to determine the amount of restitution he owed as a first-time offender for a white collar crime.
Author: John Haeffele

The Mancini Saga - Christmas

This novella will bring you closer to the Mancini family during the holidays. Isabelle Mancini, the matriarch of the family, really misses her children. Except for Bella, who is now a senior in high school, her sons are spread out...
Author: April M Reign

Angel's Secret

After her parents mysteriously disappeared at the age of thirteen, Evangeline Evans has been on her own. As a military pilot for Olympus, the most powerful and technologically progressive Citadel of the new world, she keeps her reasons for finding...
Author: Nicholas Adams