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Lady Excalibur, Beginnings

Inspired by her grandfather and the lore of her last name, Katherine Pendragon set out to be the greatest scholar on Old England, King Arthur, and the Knights of the Round Table, she could be.

Research Librarian Katherine Pendragon always...

Chamber of Music

A cruel smile graced her plump lips as she imagined Griffin’s reaction. She forced those thoughts away and focused on the first part of her plan. If she was going to be able to pull this off, she would need...
Author: Emerald Delmara

Chocolates and Cyanide

A woman in Johannesburg returns home from a trip to Belgium. Her dark blue suitcase is mistaken for an extremely similar suitcase belonging to a man travelling to Botswana. Just before going to bed the woman, Aziza, opens the suitcase...
Author: Mike Lord

Trust: The Miracle Cure

This book is a brief guide on how to manage worry, stress and anxiety this fallen world hands us. It is a fact that no one is exempted from experiencing these burdens. All of us has experienced them at one...

The Soul’s Hope

Aria and Jonathan Cohen live the good life. They have great jobs in the film industry, a lovely home in Beverly Hills, California, and an angelic five-year-old named Sammi. But something odd is definitely happening in the Cohen household.
Author: Beverly Knauer


Award-winning science writer Rod Pyle provides a behind-the-scenes look into the recent space mission to Mars of Curiosity--the unmanned rover that is now providing researchers with unprecedented information about the red planet. Pyle follows the team of dedicated scientists whose...
Author: Rod Pyle

In Sickness and in Health

This sequel to THE BREAKING POINT will take you into the lives of Darryl and Catina Jones. Now married and expecting their first child, they feel that nothing can separate them from one another's love. But when Darryl loses both...
Author: Maxine Billings

The Lost Rose of Winter

Two souls, united for a brief moment in war-torn western Europe during World War II, is more than a coincidence. Major Daniel Humphrey, a former high school teacher, is injured while on a reconnaissance mission for General Patton’s Third Army...
Author: Robert Valleau