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Blood, Bone and Stone

Heat Within Nettled; a pit of fire Loins burning not with desire But quickening, quelling Ether that would dampen this din
Author: Aria Ligi

Crossing The Whitewash

You can leave the gang, but the gang won’t leave you... Talented footballer Gary Marshall and his friend Arnie Dolan are members of the Boxer Boys, a gang from a rundown London council estate who fight adversity both on the...
Author: Nick Rippington

Lost In the Woods

I had no idea why I was there. I hadn’t done anything, apart from not handing in History homework. And talking too much in Maths. And pushing over Matthew after assembly. “I haven’t done anything.” I said. Miss Simpson held...
Author: Dennis Mews

We Were Soldiers Too - Volume 3

This book takes the reader on a journey through the history of the Cold War and the defense of the DMZ from the perspective of nine American veterans, and eleven tours, who served in different capacities in South Korea from...
Author: Bob Kern

Blueprint for a Battlestar

Through stunning images, including 75 illustrations created exclusively for this book, 25 remarkable and memorable technologies from the world of sci-fi are explored. With expertly written text by NASA insider Rod Pyle, each concept is explained and dissected to reveal...
Author: Rod Pyle

Peace and Peril

The hole in my chest would never be assuaged. I had to function without it and never use his magic again. It didn’t matter that it was part of me too. What mattered was that it was his and we...
Author: Shannon Reber

Disciples of the Damned - War - The Horsemen

Hunter King struggles to keep his town from falling apart. With the Government Security Agency threatening to close down The Slayer program, an unknown beast on the loose in his city, and commanders at other locations disappearing, he finds himself...
Author: April M Reign

Spark Out

ONE A GANGSTER, THE OTHER IS A SOLDIER... WAR IS ABOUT TO CHANGE TWO BROTHERS LIVES FOREVER Spark Out is a UK gangland suspense thriller that is not for the faint hearted. A dark tale full of twists and turns...
Author: Nick Rippington