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Amazing Stories of the Space Age

PROJECT ORION: WE COME IN PEACE (WITH NUCLEAR BOMBS!) [DECLASSIFIED IN 1979] It could have been just like the movies. Specifically, the soppy sci-fi melodramas of the 1950s, those humorless, grim-faced sagas of men (always white Americans), square-jawed and broad...
Author: Rod Pyle

Mystic Dreams and Dusty Roads

I grabbed the Bible and took out the picture of Ma. As my eyes clouded further with tears, I concluded there was no God. He was a lie. Since there was no God, I didn’t see the need to keep...
Author: Robert Valleau

Love's Hidden View

When billionaire Virginia Ann "Peep" Holler dies, a battle for her estate begins. However, she leaves all of her wealth and Jodi’s Place – a popular Oklahoma ranch dedicated to helping wayward kids – to Abigail Brennan.
Author: Robert Valleau

Eat Me: 169 Fun Recipes From All Over the World

From the author of We’re French and You’re Not and The Fur West, De Lancey entertains supreme as he distills cooking to the simplest of terms—from boiling water (and identifying the stove) to preparing timeless classics from every corner of...

Author: Paul De Lancey

The Last Flight of the Phoenix

The war was over except for the crew of the T.S.S. Phoenix. Lost deep in enemy space, crippled, but not dead. The odds of survival were stacked against them, but they were still determined to fight their way back towards...

Games People Play

Thirteen-month-old Lily Hamilton is abducted from Ayr beach in Scotland while her parents are just yards away. Three days later the distraught father turns up at private investigator Charlie Cameron's office. Mark Hamilton believes he knows who has stolen his...
Author: Owen Mullen

The Eagle The Wolf And The Woman?

An eagle out for vengeance, a wolf who knows nothing but to protect and a woman who is trying to find a murderer, each looking for something, each ready to fight and to ultimately die. These are three of the...
Author: Mikel Wilson

The Uniters Code

“Layna, you need to calm down. Do that breathing thing again.” I blinked, startled to find the chair tipped over, the computer screen shattered . . . my hands bloody. I hadn’t even noticed, hadn’t felt it.
Author: Shannon Reber